Lawyers Settlement Services, LLC

Commercial Services

Commercial real estate is a sophisticated investment, and it can cause major stress headaches.  If you are selling or buying a business or commercial property, we can help.  We will draft and review purchase agreements and closing documents to smooth your transaction.  We will assure that there is good title to the property and verify that there are no problems and that everything is in compliance with the law.  

Our office will make sure that every transaction complies with local and state real estate and environmental laws so that there are no unwelcome surprises as the sale moves forward.

We also help clients with commercial leases, and property disclosure and condition issues.  Frank S. Michel and Donna Cohen are dedicated Real Estate professionals who handle all real estate matters that may include:

We also coordinate with other commercial real estate professionals including:

We make the process of buying and selling commercial real estate as easy as possible for you by helping you with the "due dilligence" to ensure a quick, uncomplicated closing.